Mrs. Boggart Says


BrsBsays_Play-ActingEdition-CoverFrom a mule farm in Missouri in 1923 comes a tale of legacy and a story of challenge. Rose Hayes and Clara and Madeline O’Neal live side-by-side on two mule farms, and while their families are woven together by proximity, they are also connected through a story uncovered by Rose. The former owner of Rose’s family farm, Mrs. Boggart, wrote her life story in the margins of her Bible. The former school teacher who retired to start a mule farm found herself a widow far too early. She was destined to open her doors to passers who came her way. The farm became an ordained orphanage and a home for unwed mothers, matching childless couples with unwanted babies. The Hayes and O’Neal families unknowingly step into Mrs. Boggart’s legacy as they meet some passers of their own. They go to some extreme lengths to protect those they shelter. Mrs. Boggart gave grace without restraint and love without condition, extending her circle of influence to strangers who found their stories written in the margins of her Bible, and to families living on her land decades after she’d passed on.

Funny and poignant this story of neighbors, their mules, and the strangers passing by may be produced as a one-act or full length play with intermission.

8 F, 5 M. Unit set. Running time: 1:20 without an intermission. Royalty: $50 per performance. Click here to contact Gwen Mansfield regarding licensing and royalties.

cover design by Sherri M. Miller

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