About the Author

719X994SlKLGwen Mansfield loves words, and the thought of a good story sends ideas capering through her mind until they settle down into characters, settings, and plot. Roll Call is her first novel in the young adult genre. The surprises she found on the pages of book #1 in this post-apocalyptic trilogy made it impossible to say goodbye to Avery DeTornada and her comrades. Book #2, Inside The Third (available in October 2016), and #3, Reluctant Warriors (available in Summer 2017), brings the characters back to war against The Third with determination that The 28 United will stand.

Gwen completed her BA in Theatre from Seattle Pacific University, her MA in Theatre Production from Central Washington University and her MFA in Creative Writing: Fiction from University of New Orleans. She lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and children. She is the author of the historical fiction Experiment Station Road, and the stage plays Grace Diner, Experiment Station Road: Stories from the Journey, The Luggage of Ellis, Mrs. Boggart Says, and You’ve Got 90 Seconds.

Characters drive the creative process of Gwen’s writing. She says, “I can’t escape the quirky characters who romp through the pages of my stories—I guess ‘cause I’ve had so many of them in my own life. Almost every week I discover someone whose idiosyncrasies are a trigger to a character in a still-to-be-written story. And then, there are those people who wander through my life on a regular basis. Through the eyes of others, they may seem quite ordinary, but the influence they’ve had on my life is extraordinary. They too are the character catalysts my books are made of.  My kids always say, ‘If you stick around long enough you’ll end up as a character in one of mom’s books.’”

photo by Sherri M. Miller

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