Roll Call: Book #1 in the Roll Call Trilogy

IRoll Call #1 Book Covern 2067, the asteroid Jurbay severs the continent, amputating 22 western states and submerging them into the Pacific Ocean in the course of a day. Sixteen years later, caught in the 2083 post-apocalyptic world, 22-year-old Avery DeTornada and her comrades Shaw, McGinty, and Pasha operate undercover, working in the city of Reichel within the oppressive government of The Third. After discovery, they escape and are hunted while fleeing for Red Grove, the command center of The 28 United. Along the way, the rebels collect a ragtag army of dump pickers, library boys, and minstrels, but it’s not enough. Who will stand with Avery DeTornada against The Third, guaranteeing The 28 United will remain? There’s going to be a roll call… add your name to the list.

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; available edition: Paperback.

NEWS FLASH: Inside The Third: Book #2 in the Roll Call Trilogy available October 2016

book photos and cover design by Sherri M. Miller

Experiment Station Road


In 1962, Ellen Merrill finds herself in the midst of a revelation: the townsfolk of Hayford, Oregon, live with two sets of standards—one for the Anglos and one for the Mexicans. Ellen says, “It was the only time I ever heard from God. He said, ‘Prejudice demands an age of accountability—how old are you?’” Through the next decade of her life, Ellen chases equality and in spite of her parents and the heritage of a town’s racism, she catches glimpses of justice. A quirky but heart-rending coming-of-age story invites the reader through a decade of discovery with Ellen as she slams into community prejudice, advocates with Cesar Chavez, and conceals a clandestine but sweet romance. Ellen’s revelation is clear: the value of a solo voice lifted in a community of clatter shakes up the world and allows the experiment to continue.

Purchase at Amazon; available edition: Kindle
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book photo and cover design by Sherri M. Miller

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  1. Roll Call is an awesome book. I set the book down once, but the second time I could not put it down until I completed reading it. Looking forward to the release of book #2 in the series.

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