Coming Soon

Inside The Third: Book #2 in the Roll Call Trilogy

(available October 2016)

IMG_6882-Web©For five years, Avery DeTornada and The 28 United run from The Third, strengthening their following of loyal ones. Finally settling in Colony G, located in an abandoned zoo west of the waters of Erie, Avery, Shaw, and McGinty build an air fleet of zooms and prepare to attack The Third, now relocated in the city of Ash. Pasha goes rogue, planting herself inside The Third, trying to take them down, promising them her own brand of energy for their ultimate weapon, the fishborns. Avery finds it necessary to join forces with Degnan in his Dark Market, suspended underwater in Erie. Pasha tries to manipulate her status inside The Third, but Commander Dorsey proves to be a formidable foe, unbridled by the challenges of The 28 United’s raw tactics. Pasha continues to experiment with reverse-locasa, and her discoveries challenge allegiances. Avery navigates motherhood and the haunting reality that her son will never escape his GEB heritage. The danger escalates between The 28 United’s quest for justice and The Third’s determination to hold governmental control, and Avery discovers she is not yet done learning how to make the hard choices of command. As The 28 United’s zooms fly out for the attack on Ash, and as The Third’s fishborns ready for an ultimate release, Avery must make an earthshaking choice, and she can’t afford to make the wrong one. The face of the enemy is much more complicated within its borders.

photo by Sherri M. Miller


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