Grace Diner


Grace Diner

GraceDiner2_Play-ActingEdition-Cover“The United States was two years into a World War that was taking its toll. Millions of young men of all nationalities had lost their lives already, with no end in sight. This terrible destruction brought a country, determined to win, to its knees and united those on the Home Front—united the boys on the field, in the air, and on the seas. In spite of this global concern that was in the forefront of everyone’s mind, the stories of our personal lives continued to be woven with humor, streaked with pain, and decorated with fond memories that would change our lives and the lives of our children forever. As many of us stumbled into Grace Diner on January 19, 1943, our lives were unraveling—war or no war. It started to snow early in the morning, and by late afternoon there were eight inches on the road—eight inches of the sixteen inches that were to fall in the next two weeks. Roads clogged, and travel was an impossibility. We were stuck in this quirky, little nothing of a place, only to discover: Once you’ve eaten at the diner—your life will never be the same.” —Marge Matthews, war correspondent

10F, 6M. Running time: 2 hours. Royalty: $75 per performance. Click here to contact Gwen Mansfield regarding licensing and royalties.

cover design by Sherri M. Miller

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