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Gwen with friend in Appalachia Mountains

Gwen (right) with Friend in Appalachia Mountains

“You may have guessed by now that there are certain themes that have wrapped their talons around my spirit. Community. Identity. Journey. Home. Voice. Faith. For years I travelled on the world stage with a deep commitment to humanitarian work. Many of the people I’ve met in the orphanages of Ukraine, the Appalachia Mountains of West Virginia, and the barrios of Mazatlán prompted unforgettable characters to emerge in the stories closest to my heart. When global citizens intersect my journey with their resilient spirits, gifts of kindness, and voices of struggle and hope, I am shaken to my core by revelations that guide me to plot, theme, and character. I am richer because of them, and I hope you will be too.”

—Gwen Mansfield

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